The wood of Païolive (The Wood of the Fairies)

Entering the Wood of Païolive, it is to enter a magic place, a phantasmagorical universe where become entangled confidentially mineral world and vegetable world.

A multitude of white limestone rocks lives in places.
Strange shapes observe the walker : frog, turtle, elephant, camel but also ghosts, goblins and witches stay up since millions of years the site.

Steeped in history and legends, this labyrinth of rocks and greenery will enchant you through hiking trails as the Circuit of the Virgin, the Ledge, the Hermitage, the 3 Judges, the Resurgences of Granzon…

The Bois de Païolive

Villages of character

In a 25 km beam, visit the attractive villages of :

  • Banne, Naves
  • Brahic, Berrias
  • Thines, Labeaume
  • Balazuc, Vinezac
  • Vogüe, Malbosc
The village of Naves

Grotte Chauvet, Pont d’Arc cavern

You can visit the PONT D’ARC CAVERN (the Grotte Chauvet) and discover with emotion its paintings and engravings 36000 years old. 1000 unique drawings, 1000 deeply moving works among 425 animal figures representing 14 different species.

The Pont d'Arc cavern- Owl pannel © SYCPA

Gorges of Chassezac

Going down from canyons of Lozere, Chassezac meanders through a broad valley before gradually cut in beautiful gorge to cross 10 miles of the limestone Bois de Païolive.

The Gorges du Chassezac


Near the hotel, numerous activities await you:

  • Hiking, Swimming,
  • Canoeing, Canyoning,
  • Climbing, Via Ferrata, Acrobranche,
  • Paragliding, Horse riding,
  • caving, mountain biking, quad,
  • Gorges of Chassezac,
  • Gorges of the Ardèche,
  • PONT D’ARC Cavern (Grotte CHAUVET).
The Pont d'Arc